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Chickens of Flight WIP

on: October 18, 2008, 01:35:26 am
After many numerous random scribbles in a very boring Chem class, one scribble kinda looked like a chicken, and i gave it helicopter wings, went home, redrew it, and pixeled it.
This is my first attempt at pixel-work, i've done some not-so-great sprites, but i really wanted to get into Pixelation stuffz.


Real chickens dont have those legs, but thats okay, because they're cool. I'll prob keep them, unless they turn out to be stupider than i think. I used a 16 color palette i found somewhere around wayofthepixel, just to play with some colors, dont quite remember where i got it tho ( i might have added a color or two, didnt really keep track) . I really dont know how to go about the feathers, so some help would be nice =D. i did a bunch of dithering stuff that i'm not very good at, basically just for practice, so please, fell free to point all the many flaws out O=
So, C & C, plz

Oh, and lastly, i've heard that it looks more like a parrot, which doesnt work as much for the comical element, so yes, it is in fact a chicken with a pimped out beak
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Re: Chickens of Flight WIP

Reply #1 on: October 18, 2008, 04:52:13 am
It seems you aren't taking volumes into proportion while making this. Shading shouldn't just highlight a small edge of the piece- it needs to be less flat.

You also have some jagged line-art there. Perfect the line-art and then work on the piece- that's what I've learned.

I might be able to throw out an edit here sometime. Keep working on this though, don't give up!