AuthorTopic: How to price a tile set for a project?  (Read 5523 times)

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How to price a tile set for a project?

on: February 27, 2019, 10:48:04 pm
I am making a city/colony management game and I need isometric buildings. This is a hobby project, I'm not in a rush, and I can't afford professional rates. Is it usual to pay by the individual building or for a set of N buildings? About how much should it be per building? Let's estimate that it requires about 100 buildings at least.

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Re: How to price a tile set for a project?

Reply #1 on: February 27, 2019, 11:09:45 pm
It's common to pay by the patch, where a batch can be almost anything depending on the project - several buildings, or just the tiles required to put together a bunch of similar buildings. Or, if each building is large, complex, and bespoke (not made up of smaller tiles), then paying by the building might be acceptable, since each one is a lot of work. Artists often give discounts when they can expect a continuous stream of work though, so being clear and up-front about how many buildings you need and when.

The price depends a lot on the size and complexity of the art (plus additional considerations such as whether it needs to fit an established style, etc), so you'll need to provide that information before anyone can give you a useful estimate. A tiny and cartoony sprite takes much less work than a large or complex one, and the prices differ accordingly.
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