AuthorTopic: (Spriter animator) Ever wanted to work on a music video?  (Read 1392 times)

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Hey there. I was looking to see if there was somebody who did pixel art and animated that would want to do some sort of music video thing with one of the tracks I have? I wanted to sort of do a celebratory congrats to Deadmau5, having released his track "The Reward Is Cheese" 7 years ago. One of my favorite tracks by him that I am currently remixing.

Basically what I want out of this project is to showcase your talent, my remix and I plan on having it tweeted at him as a thank you and congratulations. I used to chat with him in my earlier years of production before he blew up and he was always VERY nice. I wanted to basically show him my appreciation in a fun way in hopes that he would enjoy it himself. Who knows what could happen. I'm not expecting promo but I mean it could happen unintentionally.

This is just a for fun thing. If you would be interested just reply here, PM me or e-mail me at

If you want to hear the track I have so far (it is about 80% done at this point) just let me know and I can show you how it sounds.

If you haven't already, check out the original. Such a great track!

Thank you! Hope we can work on something together!
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