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Re: The Deep

Reply #20 on: August 02, 2009, 05:17:48 pm
I'm glad I have you guys to keep me from posting stuff prematurelly  :D

Here's another update which hopefully tackles most of your points Skamocore.

I've tried to AA every jaggy I saw left in there. Hope that's done now, but I tend to miss thing when it comes to the refining.
So please, if you see some jaggies that you really think look bad, I'd apreciate if you'd point em out.

I edited the bubbles, not in the way you suggested but I hope it works either way.
I didn't really agree on the left jellyfish. In my eyes it looks fine, I'd need some second opinion on that.
I also personally think the canvas is fine like this.

I did add some lighter highlights to the stem though.

Edit: Submitted to PJ
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