AuthorTopic: Shining Force-styled TRPG: Icons, Characters, Map Tiles  (Read 2662 times)

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I am working on a hobbyist project prototyping a two-player TRPG based on Shining Force and would like to collaborate with a pixel artist who has an interest in turn-based tactical or strategy RPGs. The project is currently in a very early stage and has a lot of programming and graphics work left to be done. It has taken about 3 to 4 months to get the project to its current state: a battle scene allowing attacking or staying.

To reduce the graphics and overall workload, this project has notable differences from Shining Force. There are no separate attack cutscenes: battle damage is simply displayed as a number on the map scene. Characters have only a forward-facing animation, no side or rear views. There are no enlarged face images (or portraits) for characters. There is no equipment: no weapons, no armor.

Commitment to the project is not a requirement for working on it. I am open to people just wanting to work on the project for a little while to see what it is like.

If you are interested in working with me on this project, please reply to this post or send me a personal message through this forum with some information about your background, what you would most like to work on, such as icons, characters, and so forth, and what your personal goal is for working on this project.

Summary of Project:
TRPG based on Shining Force
Target audience: E10+
Two-player exploration
Exploration and battle tactics affect future scenarios
Download of project in current state:

My Experience:
Game development hobbyist since around 2014
Programmer - Mechaprotodot ( using JavaScript
Scripter, Writer, Designer, Artist, Composer - Withdrawal in the Thistly Islands ( made with RPG Maker MV
Graphics, Scripting, Music - Chig Tag ( made with RPG Maker MV

Pixel Artist


Pixel art
40-color palette
264 x 264 screen resolution
Stylistically similar to Shining Force
More characters with darker skin tones
Enemy battlers based on weeds that have been magically animated by a furry humanoid race called "rebels"

Concept Art:


Animated Weed