AuthorTopic: Medieval Marching Animation (looking for critiques and advice)  (Read 1510 times)

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I spent the weekend working hard on this marching animation of a character I designed a few months ago.  All I had was the face until yesterday, but I really tried to work on style and personality.  One of my favorite games growing up was Samurai Showdown (3 and 4 mainly).  I LOVE their animation (for me, those were the best SNK games!).  Anyways, I would like to animate the character striking a pose with his sword, then attacking and going back to a guarded position.  I think for what I'm doing right now, it will be from a front-facing point of view (unlike fighting games).  So I'm looking for advice for that and how you might approach it.  Also any critiques or feedback concerning my marching animation is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Here's the link:

- ronaldaam