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Re: Kickstarter thread!

Reply #80 on: July 23, 2014, 04:26:42 am

Hello! My name's Mikey and I'm a pixel artist, and I'm making a game called Snot! I have been designing this game for 6 years, and have completed huge amounts of artwork for it over the years. It's a 2D metroidvania-style platformer inspired by Super Metroid, Cave Story and Banjo-Kazooie.

I have also been working with a programmer since early this year to build a demo, and a few days ago we launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Somewhere, high up in the sky, the Mollusc God rises above his cloudy worktable. With an almighty sneeze, Snot is born. The Mollusc God, unsatisfied with his work so far, squeezes and strains until a single snail shell is produced. The shell, brimming with hidden potential, sits proudly on the little gastropod's back.

Suddenly, in a puff of green smoke, a mysterious figure appears, and strikes the Mollusc God with a bolt of lightning. The Mollusc God, stricken with rage, flies away on a rampage. An evil force has corrupted him! A shocked onlooker, the Freezy-WingSnail, jumps up and freezes Snot into a ball of ice- and just in time, too, as the evil Mollusc God swoops down from above, KOing the icy creature.

Snot tumbles through the clouds, safely plopping into the ocean.

If you would like to see the above story animated, click here!

Snot runs, jumps, and fights his enemies by using a combination of melee attacks and his shell-throwing ability. Close-range attacks can be aimed by controlling Snot’s gaze, hitting nearby enemies with his tail. Shell attacks, however, can be aimed with a cursor, and are launched through the air as a long-range attack.

There are two “standard” shells: Snail Shells fire in an arc, whereas Conch Shells fire in a straight line.
Shells can each be used only once, but they will be constantly collected throughout levels by smashing item boxes.

There is also another kind of powerup: The energy symbols!

In each level, the player will unlock a new energy symbol. They can be used to power-up both kinds of shells to create all kinds of crazy weapons that help you solve puzzles and defeat bosses. They can also power-up Snot’s melee attack and offer additional effects if applied to Snot himself.

Some examples:

Shells pictured above: Fireball shell, Volcano shell, Magnet Shell and Lightning Bolt shell!
-use these as powerful attacks or as utilities for solving puzzles.
When the energy symbols are applied to Snot, he gains additional abilities such as being able to walk through fire or run really fast. His melee attack is also altered to give him even more abilities.

As you can see, each element has 3 uses, which means that with 8 energy symbols (the amount we plan to include in the final game), there will be 162 customisation options. In true Metroidvania-style, the player must master the abilities while exploring vast, diverse worlds full of enemies and puzzles. Use the many power-ups in the game to unlock secrets in already-explored areas and uncover whole new areas. There could be bosses hiding around any corner…

The Psychic Flamingos will help you with the backtracking and exploring, as they not only save your game and heal you, but also allow you to warp from world to world. They take you to an telepathic universe called the Flamingo World that turns everything into silhouettes and offers a faster way to travel.

With a wide spectrum of colourful characters and whimsical storylines, this is a Metroidvania like no other!

Snot will be full of personality. Much in the style of games like Banjo-Kazooie and Paper Mario: TTYD (two of my favourite games ever), most missions will be character-driven, enabling you to interact with a loads of entertaining and amusing NPCs.

This is Snot:
An inquisitive mollusc who seeks to learn the answers about the universe and reasons for his existence.
Although he is confused about his identity, he is also a lazy little gastropod who, more often than not, is forced into completing tasks for people due to his lack of a mouth - he cannot physically say "no".

The Mollusc God is the holiest of the molluscs. He was turned evil before he was able to enlighten his latest creation.

Meet the Prawn. After Snot washes up on a beach in level 1, frozen in ice, this tiny flying shrimp approaches him and sets him free. In return he makes Snot follow him on what turns out to be a suicide mission to find his friend who wandered off to join a cult. His catch-phrase is "OI! LISTEN!"

Non-contextual spacial warping gentleman. This cryptic figure's identity is a complete mystery for now. He has been referred to as all of the following: The Magician, Nowhere Man or Mr. Skulleh.

Many, many more characters, such as Gastro Podson, Eggable Tim and Cap'n Todger will also appear!

Some of these are stretch goals (more info on stretch goals on the Kickstarter page)

Single Player
-We plan to include 8 huge worlds (possibly even 9 if we reach out stretch goals), each with a unique theme.
-We expect over 100 enemies an up to 30 bosses.
-Challenge mode with Boss, Time and Puzzle challenges.
-A level editor!

-Co-op story mode.
-Co-op challenge mode.
-Capture the Pearl mode.
-King of the Flamingo mode.
-Defend the Holy Mollusc mode.

We hope to eventually release Snot on all of the following: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ouya, iOS, Android, Windows 8 Phone and Wii U. although we can't promise a release on all those platforms upon the game's launch, it will be on Windows and Ouya straight away. The game will be released in both English and German, and hopefully more in the future.

Anyway, I hope you like the look of Snot. We could REALLY do with some help on Kickstarter, so if this game seems like something you would actually buy when it comes out, maybe you'd like to support us. After all, £10 would get you a free copy, and that is roughly the price we hope to release it for. Consider it a pre-order? ;)
-we have some great reward ideas, too. Check out the page for more info!

Oh! And we also have a demo! You can download it from our website. Please check it out!

Any questions, ask away!

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Re: Kickstarter thread!

Reply #81 on: August 06, 2014, 11:05:51 pm
I'll skip all the fancy stuff since there's plenty of info on the page itself, but I'm making a game called Super Galaxy Squadron that's finally on Kickstarter.

Here's a screenshot for convenience.

All proceeds from the game after it releases (which should be this winter) will go to Child's Play, a really cool charity.

Plus if it gets to $2000 I can pay these guys to do the soundtrack. So yeah, if you want to help out I'd really appreciate it, and there's a playable demo if you want to get a closer look.

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Re: Kickstarter thread!

Reply #82 on: September 20, 2014, 06:48:34 am
This topic seems more for Kickstarters one has worked on, but I'll share this one:

This guy is working on a new NES game. He appeared on nesdev early in July knowing nothing, and has made some pretty astounding progress in a short amount of time.

Here's a recent test he made of sprite masking:
Older test with music and walking around:

Note the dates on those posts. By August he was getting things done some people take years to, and again, he started in July.

Since those tests he's assembled a team, and has the tenacity to carry this through. Full disclosure: I've talked with him privately some, he's a good guy.
I make actual NES games. Thus, I'm the unofficial forum dealer of too much information about the NES

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Re: Kickstarter thread!

Reply #83 on: September 20, 2014, 07:23:41 am
Any screens? The video didn't show much.

Here's a recent test he made of sprite masking:
The overlap's got to be done with sprites doesn't it? player 2 + 3 for overlap and add an enemy 2 + 3 for overlap and already blown the sprite limit.

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Re: Kickstarter thread!

Reply #84 on: September 20, 2014, 09:53:52 am
The overlap's got to be done with sprites doesn't it? player 2 + 3 for overlap and add an enemy 2 + 3 for overlap and already blown the sprite limit.
There are three ways to do what's shown. My mistake to to call that one masking. The one there would use no extra sprites besides the player character's sprites.

Every sprite can be told to be drawn "behind" the background. How this works is that each pixel of the sprite is "drawn" only if it is above the universal color of the background. So if green is the universal color, the player's sprites need only be set to be drawn behind the background. No additional sprites are needed. This comes with the obvious caveat that if a sprite is set to draw "behind" the background, every color that is NOT green will be drawn on top as well. So... if that grass had detail, the non green details would ALSO be above the sprite.

Things get weird, though, which is why drawn is in quotation marks up there and where I guess true masking comes in. Even if the sprite's pixel isn't drawn as the sprite (it was over a non universal color of the background), those background pixels will still appear above other sprites.

Mario is just set to be drawn behind the background. The Koopa is not, but he appears behind Mario, because Mario is made up of higher priority sprites, even if he's "drawn" with background pixels. Heh. (Standard disclaimer: I didn't dig out a debugger to check, but I'm pretty sure that's what goes on here. If not, it's a possible way this exact case COULD go down.)

TL;DR: Mario needs no extra sprites to appear behind the wall, the Koopa wouldn't either if he were set to be drawn behind. But  using Mario allows him to be behind the background in a unique shape, rather than be entirely behind the white wall.
Another way is editing the tiles themselves at run time. Solstice does this. Here's kind of a cool video showing an in development character walking behind stuff. Using that video instead of the actual game, because it actually handles a lot of cases that come up rarely in the game. This method uses no extra sprites as well, but runs into a PPU bandwidth issue. (You can only update so many tiles in a frame.) As well, enemies that need to walk "under" cannot share tiles, even if there are two of the same enemy in a room. (Changing one would change the other.) Actually, wow, Solstice is kind of impressive. I'll need to keep it in mind if I'm asked about impressive stuff.

Problem with just setting sprites to be drawn behind the background: Solid color areas must surround the stuff you want the player to walk behind.
Problem with sprite masking: 8 sprites per scanline limit.
Problem with editing tiles are run time: If too many things are behind the background, some could not be updated to maintain the illusion. This one is also... kinda menacingly hard to program in my opinion.

And no screens as of yet for Mystic Searches.

Edit: Changed "uses no sprites" to "uses no extra sprites as well".
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I make actual NES games. Thus, I'm the unofficial forum dealer of too much information about the NES

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Re: Kickstarter thread!

Reply #85 on: October 12, 2014, 12:17:22 am

A hi-res pixel art metroidvania with juicy destruction and a thrilling, timeline-twisting story!

Golden Hour will be released on Steam upon completion!

Official Kickstarter trailer:

    - Unravelling story following a main quest and many tangled side-quests
    - RPG leveling system including four primary and many secondary skills to improve your battle, platforming, crafting and

other possibilities
    - Explore a world composed of beautiful hi-res pixel art
    - Destructive environment with special effects and realistic physics
    - Use your enviroment in battle!
    - 4 bindable quick action slots
    - Over 30 spells whose power depends on players levels and skills
    - Variety of melee and ranged weapons
    - Game-altering items and equippables such as potions, magic jewelry, shields and armor
    - Dynamic music following the mood of the game events
    - Procedurally generated biomes and dungeons

After death of king Faragon and the end of Lindgren family reign, the four provinces of the Heratos kingdom are about to

break out a war as the four kings want the reign of the whole kingdom for themselves. Our hero, eighteen year old Arion, gets

drafted for a skirmish at the Idessa mine. What seemed to be a mild encounter between two provinces, actually turned into a

massive battle for an important strategic spot - as the kings of the remaining two provinces sent in their armies as well.
At one point, the mine starts to collapse, and only four people, including Arion, survive, getting trapped, without weapons,

food, sources of light or a way out. Arion, Lazar, Venegor and Rhea, hopelessly trapped for hours, realize they're better off

trying to cooperate in finding a way out than killing each other. As they improvise a torch and light a fire, they notice a funny

coincidence - they were all carrying a same item in different forms - a fourth of an orb, as a necklace, brooch, pocket watch

and a buckle. They join the orbs, summoning a mystic spirit; The spirit shows them a prophecy, warning them what will

happen if events continue to unfold this way and a war breaks out: It shows that a fifth side will use the kingdoms weakness to

invade all of Heratos; but more importantly, other than a catastrophic war, they each see a devastating personal tragedy. After

a handful of rage, denial, cinism and convincing, they agree to abandon their lives, unite and try to stop the war.

Arion is an eighteen year-old blacksmith apprentice, and also a blacksmith's son. His mother died at childbirth, for which Arion

sometimes blames himself. He is actually a half-mage, of which he's not aware until the incident at the Idessa mine.

Lazar comes from a powerful, influential Lanstrean military family. His father, a liutenant in the army, never really saw Lazar in

the army due to his weak constitution. He intended a job in the treasury offices for his son, which always drove Lazar towards

adventure and wilderness. The desire to prove himself made Lazar develop other skills which would make him the ultimate

predator in ranged combat. He's very tactically smart and agile, an excellent archer and a skilled craftsman, often improvising

bombs and traps.

Venegor comes from a poor, criminal-populated neighborhood of Vinstrel. A kind hearted joker, Venegor is actually a suffering

widower. While he's given up on hope for himself, this intimidating brute is amazing at spreading hope to others. He's seeking

the Zosimos Lantern, a relic that can bring a single soul back from the dead.

Rhea is a Natrian pure-born sorceress, highly intuitive and connected with the nature and animals. Sometimes deeming as

frighteningly powerful, her intuition and visions affect her physical being, getting faint and weak with bad feelings and

stunningly powerful with positive ones. She's charmingly playful and juvenile, yet there is a dark side to having extraordinary

powers at such a young age - and everybody has their own way to keep the emotions at bay.

The cities are peaceful, free-to-roam areas where Arion can buy and sell equipment, get upgrades, talk to NPCs and gather

quests and information. While the more remote parts of the cities hold some chests and loot, the real treats can be found in

the procedurally generated biomes between the cities - forests, abandoned villages, canyons, mountin passes, archipelagos

and more, and, of course, the underworld - the dungeons, treasuries and passages under the cities hold amazing loot and

bosses. The player won't be able to reach all of more than fifty generated areas at once, as most of the areas will require the

player to posses a certain combination of skills, be it magic, melee or agility.

Where possible, each of the four edges of a level connects to another level, forming a metroid-style map. At the highest point

of each town there is a grand chest with very valuable loot. There’s a lot of secret areas, each containing rewards for discovery

like pieces of runes written by a character whose story resembles the main charcter’s. On the ends of major levels there are

bosses that leave behind powerful loot.

The kingdom of Heratos consists of four provinces: Vinstrel, Lanstrel, Ringstead and Natris.

Ringstead is the kingdom's capital and the home of the protagonist, Arion. Before his death, king Faragon held his residence in

the Ringstead castle. The industrial and economic powerhouse of the kingdom still heavily depends on Vinstrean ore, Lanstrean

army and Natrian magic.

Lying in the tropical paradise of the eastern Island, Lanstrel could be called the military capital of the kindgdom; The famous

Military academy provides 9 out of 10 cavalrymen for the Heratos army; They say a good Lanstrean steed is worth as much as

an estate. Lanstrel holds the kingdom Treasury, and the gold lying underneath the city is unmatched.
Vinstrel is the brute, tough guy of the kingdom.

Hidden in the foothills of the Taumant mountain, Vinstrel provides the kingdom with ore, steel and livestock. The men and the

creatures residing Vinstrel, used to extreme conditions, are the toughest in Heratos. They are raw and virtually untrained, yet

they say a Lanstrean general could never beat a Vinstrean woodchuck in a bar fight.

Natris is the oddball of the kingdom; Smaller in constitution, pale-skinned, and usually magic-born, the Natrians are truly the

most specific people in Heratos. They condemn mixing with other Heratonians. The beautiful yellow stone and waterfalls of

Natris can fool; What lies in the forests and tundras beyond the city has been keeping humans away for centuries.

We started the work on Golden Hour almost two years ago, and back then it was supposed to be a simple, free platformer

which we did for fun. As time passed, we implemented weapon swapping, then a whole inventory system, then an enemy AI

based on skill variables - and eventually we realized how much potential the game has. After all this work, we've run out of

resources and time, and finishing this project will be virtually impossible without the proper funding. We want to bring the

immersing story and characters as close as possible to you, the players, and we would like to hire an illustrator for a comic

book/digital booklet, musicians for a live soundtrack and additional artists to make the world as bountiful as possible.

Stay in touch!
Official website

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Re: Kickstarter thread!

Reply #86 on: October 14, 2014, 12:26:26 am
Update 2 - What makes Golden Hour so awesome?

What is it that makes this game so awesome? What does it have to offer, unlike other games of similar kind?
That's simple...

JUICINESS! Sweet, violent juiciness!

I mean, look at this:

Or this:

Sure, metroidvanias are always more about exploration than action, but why does it have to be so? Why wouldn't we bring destruction into the genre? And not just any destruction! It's that sweet,sexy destruction that makes you say 'nice' out loud!

I mean, who doesn't like to splash someone's brains out by pushing them under the big fat stomper, or make giant stone golem run into a tower that has a person on top and break them all together? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never seen a metroidvania with such elements. And not only that! You can also go for stealth if you don't feel like spraying blood all over those beautiful pixels. Although, only on certain places, like castles or towers, with accented vertical maneuverability. Which brings me to another reason you would like, and ultimately, back the game:

Many ways to go through the game!

Imagine this situation: There's a gate in front of you, and there's the lever that opens it, at the reach of your arm. There's also a loot chest that seems really nice, it's gotta contain something valuable! But, there are enemies behind the gate, keeping the chest. Like, a lot of enemies, it seems risky. Then you notice you have a choice! You can climb the tower on your side of the gate, all the way to the top balcony, you jump forward, and open your parachute, flying over the enemies. Now you have another choice! 

1. Sneak up to them from behind and silently kill 'em all as they are looking the other way and collect the loot from that super shiny chest 

2. Violently beat the hell out of them (or get yourself beaten) and also collect the loot from the chest, or 

3. Just walk away safely towards your goal, but without the loot and the XP you would've gotten in a fight. 

So now you see, this is not just another metroidvania. It's like a metroidvania on steroids, but not those bad, fugly ones! They are the steroids made only of the most sophisticated, high quality ingredients!

Check out Golden Hour on Kickstarter!
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Re: Kickstarter thread!

Reply #87 on: November 04, 2014, 06:34:45 am
Wallz - Amazing wall art like you've never seen before. by Troels Fonsboel via @kickstarter

Turn your favourite pics into home wall art

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Re: Kickstarter thread!

Reply #88 on: November 04, 2014, 06:38:40 am
Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendium by Sam Dyer via @kickstarter Plenty of Commodore Amiga art and you can also get the C64 book as well in one of the pledges.

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Re: Kickstarter thread!

Reply #89 on: November 06, 2014, 12:43:52 pm
Hi Everyone,

I just want to help a video game project from the creator of « Alone in the Dark » and LBA Frédérick Raynal. the project is called 2Dark and need funding. They offer their softwar to make voxel models. the game looks awesome and the guys behind the project are very cool.

So take a look to the project :