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Re: Trafalgar Law doing Room

Reply #1 on: August 17, 2018, 04:42:52 pm
I think this is a good attempt, but there are quite a few things to note.

First off, I have no idea what the tail of his jacket is doing (or why it stops suddenly when he puts his hand out), nor any idea how his thighs are moving like that without the aid of his hips or his knees (they should be bending [visually] from below the knee and/or from the hip socket).

Secondly, there is no sense of foreshortening in the arm or sword (mostly because neither move as secondary motion arising from the up/down of his body).

And lastly, if you look at the patterns of the pants on the reference image, the dots create horizontal "line" or "stripe" patterns along the length of the leg. In your rendering, this looks just too much like pixel noise. The other issue with the illustration portion is that the head and hat are waaay too large in proportion to the length of the body and legs (which, judging from the reference shot, the legs are much longer, so you could decrease the size of the head/hat and upper-shoulders to compensate.)

Keep in mind that secondary motion and proportions are the bread-and-butter to animation. Without these, your drawings and animation will always look "wrong" in some way. Over time, this can get very discouraging and lead you to believe you are just a "bad artist", but as I've said here, it's just a matter of keeping in mind a lot of secondary weight and movement and considering your proportions.

Overall, this is not a bad try. Hopefully I've helped you a bit so you can try to improve it for us. :)
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