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Hi Everyone!

on: April 26, 2018, 05:24:29 pm
Hi everyone, my name is Oren and I am searching for a pixel game designer to join my current project that I am developing.
The game is an online multiplayer game (coding with Csharp, game engine is Unity, network engine is Photon).

I also have a channel where I post devlogs about the game:

If you are interested please be aware of those things:
1.  if you decide to join and the game will be profitable we will be sharing the revenue of course (contract)
2.  I am searching for someone with a real passion that loves creating games, coming up with new ideas and just in general have an open mind for new things.

And of course there is a few more details but if you are interested just send me a message/email!
Thank you for reading!  :)