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Paid Assignment(Game Development)

on: November 26, 2013, 04:04:03 pm
Hello I'm LaVelle F. currently looking for a highly talented pixel art. I have a small group of talented individuals currently working on a 2D side scrolling rpg game for pc and possibly xbox and playstation network. This is a team job so not just commission work however we have terms that we all will receive payment. The ideal candidate will have the following qualities:

(i)the ability to work under deadlines
(ii)the ability to work well with others
(iii)I can not stress this enough, but very communicative with not only myself but with everyone on the team.
(iv)ability to work on tilesets, backgrounds, enemies, characters etc.
(v)have a great sense of color
(vi)be capable to work based of conceptual art
(vii)must be reliable

I will not disclose end salaries here but if I'm interested I will talk more to you about compensation. If  your interested please contact me asap via email or phone (if your in the united states of america). Furthermore, if we decide to work together you must agree to signing a Non-disclosure agreement and a pixel artist contract for the both of our protection.

(i)must have a reliable computer
(ii)will have to use Microsoft one-note to communicate along with email and Skype.
(iii)a pixel art program to work on your projects
(iv)must present a small portfolio of your work
(v)must tell your location(timezone for better communication) and how soon you'd be able to work
(vii)please tell me information about yourself

**please note the the sooner the better

I open to all art styles and both new and veteran artist. I check my email daily as it is synced to my mobile device so you may contact me any time of the day. Thank your for your time.

LaVelle F. of GameCore

mobile: (216)526-9935