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Re: Pixel Art Wiki

Reply #90 on: August 16, 2013, 01:01:40 am
@ Helm: That's because it -is-. Both in graphics and gameplay (and sound; less so music). I think they made a bit of a mistake on the CPC+ version of Stryker (overuse of raster palette effects in a way that occasionally feels dislocated from the rest of the game's aesthetics), so personally I prefer the plain CPC version.
Not quite as awesome as Switchblade (done by the same guys), but very close.

@Carnivac: that's a pretty fair review, although I felt that the flat-color style was somewhat needed to make the characters read consistently against the BG. I'm pretty sure the scaling was just 'because we can';)
SFII was somewhat constricted even in the SNES version, a CPC version would just be laughably limited. (there was a CPC version of SFI, but noone wants to play SFI :) SFA3 was the best done of the SNES ports IMO, it seems pretty solid.

I haven't played SFA for GBC, though I've seen some shots and it seems fairly well done.
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