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Hello everybody, my name is Hepari.
I am writing this in the unpaid section despite the fact that there will be a satisfactory payoff because I don't wanna piss the moderators off.

Company Info

"LANZE" (I haven't actually taken care of the website.)

Lanze is not yet a company, but we are going to launch one as soon as the next game is complete. We are currently making a game for mobile platforms. The team is comprised of one professional illustrator (me) and one professional programmer. We lately suspended the development of a RPG and now aim to make a smaller game.

Job Info

The game under development is a simulation game where you seek to liberate a kingdom from the hands of evil. For that purpose, you are entrusted with a girl whom you will raise and send out to do good in the world.

This is her.

I am currently looking for one or two pixel artists.

You should be:

1. easy to contact
2. fast, experienced and enthusiastic about making pixel arts
3. responsible-minded, which means you don't just quit on the job because you have other unimportant things to tend to.

This is a PAID job.
I guarantee to pay satisfactory wages upon launching the game. This game project will take mere months to complete, but if you need the payoff urgently, I am willing to pay during the development phase too.
I can't be exact with numbers already, but I assure you: the better the game sells, the bigger will be the reward for you.
The pie to share is big.

Your job will be:

1. Making small buildings and scenaries on isometric tiles, just like on this picture. We will need them for the interactive world map and the town management UI.
(House, Library, Barracks, grass, fields, mountains, forests, etc.)

2. Objects for player's home, where the little girl will reside in.
The tile size will be the same as the ones described above.
(table, chair, bed... etc.)

3. characters (not a lot of pixels, body as big as the head.)
The characters won't need to wander around, we only need them treading on the spot.
(monsters, townspeople, prince, wizard, etc.)

Contact us

If you are interested, please contact me under hepari (et)

It would help to attach a resumee and portfolio.

best regards,


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