AuthorTopic: [PAID OR UNPAID] Cold Inifinty: Needs a pixel artist, mapper and more!  (Read 3132 times)

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Cold Inifinty is an RPG with a dynamic battle system and storyline with VN aspects. The ending depends on the choices Estelle makes throughout the game and also the relationships.

The game's thread is here for those wanting more info:

While I would really love if some people volunteered to help me for free, I know that many won't. :P I am willing to pay a percentage up front to prove that I am not aiming to scam anyone. Tell me your rates and we can talk.

I need...

a) Mapper
We are also in need of a mapper! Derp, how could I forget this. We need a mapper! All mappers, please apply!

b) Background/Character artist
My workload is a bit too much to resume doing art for this so any and all artists! I call upon your interest and skill to aid me! n.n

You can email me at
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