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Position Filled, thanks to all who applied!

It's that time of the year again, a new game has just entered prototyping phase and I'm on the lookout for the right artist for the job.
I'm looking for a skilled isometric artist with proven experience, ideally with a solid understanding of character animation.

About the developer
I've been an indie developer for a couple of years now, mostly developing for iOS devices. Two of the games have been featured by Apple and made it into the charts at one point or other. The company is formally registered in the Netherlands, although I am currently in New Zealand.
I have worked on isometric games before and am well aware of the challenges from both a development and artist's point of view.
For more information on my previous games please visit the website

About the game
Still undergoing design changes during the prototype phase, the basic concept is a hybrid between god/rts/management genres.
It's an ambitious project but the time and budget are secured, all I need to find is the awesome artist(s) that will get the job done right.
If you're familiar with the game Populous that's a good starting point.

Skills/Requirements for the position
  • Isometric Character Animation
  • Isometric Environment and Tilesets
  • Reliable, creative, motivated
  • Able to communicate daily on Skype

A fair amount of pixel pushing will be involved, ALL in isometric (yes, I know...)
I expect there to be at least 1 month's worth of work for the artist(s) involved.

Character animations in 4 directions (walk, run, idle, etc)
Tilesets for land building
Props (buildings, trees, etc)

Payment at standard industry rates, negotiable and depending on experience.
Please quote your rate when applying for the position.
Milestones and relative payments agreed upfront, payments made through the Paypal system.

Preferred contact method is by email: info [at] cleverhamstergames [dot] com

Any inquires are welcome, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Lead Developer @ Clever Hamster Games
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Re: [Paid] Isometric - Character Animations and Environment

Reply #1 on: August 10, 2011, 03:23:48 pm
I have worked with him on more than one project and found him to be very approachable and always professional. Patrick is a great guy to work with and I encourage anyone to apply.


Available for freelance work.

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Re: [Paid] Isometric - Character Animations and Environment

Reply #2 on: August 11, 2011, 09:43:55 am
I sent an e-mail two days ago (zonder dat ik wist dat jullie Nederlands waren trouwens!) but have had no reply.