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[Portfolio] CodeGeorge. Seeking to sprite for YOU!

on: November 15, 2009, 05:53:15 pm
EDIT: Temporarily not accepting new work due to a busy busy schedule!

I'm a self taught spriter with experience spriting for a few projects, always for free in the past (I'm hoping to change this).  I'm technically a graphic designer who's made brochures and websites for people in the past but really, I like spriting more and it's been a fun hobby.

Currently I have a limited number of my sprites online.  I'm making my website so temporarily I'll be using DeviantArt for a pseudo-portfolio.  I make 100% custom sprites.  I make characters, tiles and anything that needs making.  My strengths lie primarily in cartoony things but I'm continually trying to learn more and can do that other stuff if need be.  

Anyways he's my pseudo-portfolio:

Yes, I can make sprites that aren't Nintendo, Capcom or Square owned characters  :P.  I just happen to have those ones up and I love the characters.

So I'm primarily looking for PAID stuff.  However if you have a project that is just really amazing in some way I'll probably do it for free.

Please PM me any details about your project and what needs to be done for it.  I'll consider anything you throw at me.  It doesn't hurt to ask.  I'm REALLY wanting to sprite!
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My temporary and tiny portfolio.  Real portfolio website coming soon!