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To give you a quick idea of what it's about I've quoted Iwata's introduction and copied the title of each of the pages/sections in order,
Iwata: Today we welcome Yoichi Kotabe. However, he hardly needs an introduction, since he is one of Japan's foremost animators.

Because of his work as official illustrator for Mario, and the way he has improved the art world of so many of Nintendo's products, I think the coming together of Nintendo and Kotabe-san was an extraordinary occurrence.

Kotabe-san is currently retired from Nintendo and active as an individual creator, but he has come all the way to Kyoto because I wanted to talk to him again on the occasion of the release of Flipnote Studio. Thank you for joining me today.
  • 1. What My Mother Taught Me
  • 2. The Search for Greater Creativity
  • 3. An Invitation from Nintendo
  • 4. My First Project: Draw a Rug
  • 5. The Age of 3-D
  • 6. Jotting Down Sudden Ideas
  • 7. Hidden Talent All Around the World

See Iwata Asks, Volume 8 - Flipnote Studio - An Animation Class, most interesting is to learn a little of the history behind the art at Nintendo :). edit: Else see via, Volume 8 - Yoichi Kotabe, where the videos all appear on the page instead of links, and the last of them working (it seems to stop before the end on the other site).

Just had to share this with yas... I haven't even finished reading, but are enjoying it very much :), especially when Miyamoto joins the interview/discussion.

Ohh, and incase yas don't know, Flipnote Studio is being launched tomorrow in Europe and such, was available in Japan ages ago and only recently in America. It's all pretty cool, you can checkout the works at, and I read that you can continue on and collaborate with any others work and all contributors/credits will be recorded. Incase ya didn't notice, you can even add sounds... ya might be interested in the Iwata Asks interview about it (Volume 7 - Flipnote Studio Creation), a nice way to learn about it all :).

Ps, I really love the art design and such at Nintendo :).

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