AuthorTopic: I am the great Laharl! Ahhhh ha ha ha ha!  (Read 2367 times)

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I am the great Laharl! Ahhhh ha ha ha ha!

on: March 31, 2009, 01:45:31 am
I attempted something from the great Disgaea Series! Whoo!

Here is the current works...

I'm not so good at drawing so I made this one from somebody elses art... not sure where I got it from but I will post a link to the ref here... Props to the artist whomever you may be.

Anyway, I made this as an avatar for tabletop dnd style games... I guess the proper name would be "pog" you guys remember pogs right?
anyway, the outer rim of the pog (the grey circle) was ripped from the table top program and should remain as is I guess. If you guys have a suggestion for a better one please post.

The issues I'm having:
-the color count is like 66 or something, Is there anyway I can tell photoshop to illiminate "similar" colors as far as I can see, I've only got about 32 colors in there and I'm not sure how p.s. determined there was 66.
-where should I a.a.? I kinda like the jaggys on the sword but maybe it would look better smooth?
-the legs, they dont read well at all and I suspect I have some anatonomy issues there?

well, help and c.c. are appreciated!

broken link fixed.
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Re: I am the great Laharl! Ahhhh ha ha ha ha!

Reply #1 on: March 31, 2009, 02:15:45 am

You link was broken. Use /, not \.