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Re: [WIP] Mushroom Scene

Reply #10 on: April 04, 2009, 04:05:31 am
I think you need to work on the dithering as Arachne's already said. Just for comparison I've placed your image next to one of Fool's images to compare the use of dithering:

Fool seems to use dithering very sparingly and when he does use it he uses it subtly. Compare your character with the two children in Fool's piece. He doesn't use any dithering on them at all.

He uses a lot of Yellows/Oranges/Reds and I see you've tried to incorporate a lot of those hues in your piece, but I think your image is much too saturated. Fool also tends to use some wild hue shifting at times. Also, at least on my monitor, the clouds seem to lack contrast against the sky as do the two shades on the caps of the closest mushrooms.

I've made a, hopefully, more Foolish colour edit of your piece (I haven't changed anything else besides the colours):

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Re: [WIP] Mushroom Scene

Reply #11 on: April 04, 2009, 04:48:51 am
I see you're trying to replicate one of Fool's more colorful sceneries, and one thing Fool does well is balance his darks and lights, giving nice contrast on the scene.

All range from saturated, warm colors to dark cold colors. Most importantly is how much of a range from dark to lights he has. Your piece lacks the darkness and contrast.
I think one thing you have down well is the colors.
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