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EGA pixels - RPG character

on: February 04, 2009, 07:30:25 pm
Hi! First post here. I read around a lot here, i see there are superb artists here. So here my piece goes for some c+c:

Mostly i am not interested in the anatomy (well, it has problems, i could have done it better, and am able to do so, but ehh... So "but" :P ), rather the palette and techniques. What i would like to make is an RPG style game (or whatever) for an old 2.86 with EGA card (I assume rectangular pixels even though it is not the case especially on the targeted 640x350 mode, but that way it is possible to accurately port the product to today machines later without losing the pixels). So if it is possible to get something better out of those 64 dull EGA colors.
(Well, also note here the color count was not a concern, i tried to gather 12 colors which would be fixed over the full game. The first 4 color slots were meant to be dynamically chosen, so those are not available for main sprites, character screens etc. which should last over the whole game)
What would i particularly like to see is if others could create some neat looking pieces with EGA. Mostly interested in dark themes, or vegetation.
The above cat was done using Deluxe Paint III for DOS, in 640x350 EGA mode (the height of the image was reduced to have square pixels).

EDIT: --the height of the monitor's image for painting, i mean. Of course the pixelart is unaltered--
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