AuthorTopic: My second entry into the competion actually 2 more....need your critics  (Read 2190 times)

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Hey everyone.

i planned to ditch and work on something more funny and better so here are my two other entries and i really need your critics bad for this to win first prize.....or second......or third.please,

The simpsons rock out.

as soon as possible please.

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hey arylic, i think i said something on pj but ill go into more depth here.

firstly you still have very messy lines. secondly, did you draw that text yourself or did you use text tool. if so yeah thats not classified as PA. thirdly. dont the simpsons only have one shade for each color and wheres homers nose.

i dont think you payed enough attention to the pixels individually. i also just noticed theres two blacks. just use one

your choice of color, is your voice of color

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Also, looser is an antonym of tighter.  If the misspelling wasn't purposeful, drop an 'O'.