AuthorTopic: my first attempts at modeling and UV wraps.  (Read 5942 times)

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my first attempts at modeling and UV wraps.

on: January 07, 2009, 06:53:55 am

I had never really seen any low-poly work before coming to this board, and it got me wanting to experiment.
I first tried Maya, as it seems to be the program of choice by most. Long story short, I was a bit Intimidated by the interface.
I had tried Anim8tor years ago, but never got too far with it. I think i got through the first tutorial and lost intrest.

Anyhow, I was checking out some of the posted work here, and ended up downloading blender, and Wings3d

Blender Is a bit much for me right now, but I figured out how to make some interesting shapes in Wings. I ended up making a pretty nifty megaman model, and then proceded on to try to learn how to apply UV wraps. At that point, I figured I should play around with something much simpler to get the hang of things. So here it is.

Some pointers to goo beginner tutorials would be swell. Ive done quite a bit of sculpting with clay and stuff in the past, so the basic principles of form are not new to me
However, right now, Im mostly just moving edges, vertices and scaling things around, with the odd "cut into X pieces" and "connect" commands. Nothing very skilled, just kind of getting the feel for things.

Well, I guess Ive blathered enough for this super basic and pretty crappy model.

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Re: my first attempts at modeling and UV wraps.

Reply #1 on: January 09, 2009, 08:57:15 am
Could you post your textures?

For a first start I think this look great. The dithering on the mushroom cap bothers me though and I can see some seams up there as well. As for the bottom though it's looking pretty good. Maybe a bit more contrast so you can see the shadows a bit better. Also there is a bit of stretching in the eyes.

If you want to show of the pixel work on the model better you can change some options to make it so that shadows aren't cast on the object. I'm not sure how to do that in blender though.

Pretty cool though, I hope you still plan to texture your Megaman!