AuthorTopic: Sal collects eyeballs  (Read 15990 times)

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Re: Sal collects eyeballs

Reply #20 on: July 19, 2008, 09:02:09 pm
There CAN be multiple lightsources in a picture, and really if one of them goes straight to the camera it's practically you COULD have the moon there...atlthough it's kinda useless if we're to take it as a lightsource :p

Personally I did think the undefined blotches did feel kind of awkward next to the uber detailed mushrooms....and Antago's solution is adequate...without the white because it does kind of eat up all the attention....( IMO it also gives a sort of "enlightment" mood to the picture, as if sal is some kind of sage and I dont think that's what we're going for). I personally would have looked for a way to do some kind of murky forest or swamp that fits the mood, but without showing too much detail...I thought of bamboo sticks for whatever reason...