AuthorTopic: Voxelation: way of the voxel! :O  (Read 3147 times)

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Voxelation: way of the voxel! :O

on: July 14, 2008, 10:27:01 pm
I love 3D pixel art, I love being able to rotate objects and view them from different angles :-*

One can easily make 3D pixel art by using a free program called Slab6 (, it's just like working with clay! :o

Examples of 3D pixel art created entirely in Slab6 (Note: I didn't use the default color palette):

Unfortunately, Slab6's maximum grid size is limited to 256x256x255 voxels, meaning that you can only make small, low-resolution objects. Also, 32-bit color support has not been added and there are no transparent water/glass voxels. However, the source code is included in the distribution, so it should be possible to add those features, I think ..

3D pixel art can be used in 3D pixel games such as Voxelstein 3D ( :0' :o

I want a 3D pixel art community  :(
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