AuthorTopic: [RevShare] Looking for talented Pixel Artist to join Tactics RPG project  (Read 1089 times)

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Hello all,

Affinity Studios is currently searching for a talented pixel artist to join our team for all creation of character sprites, tiles, and UI elements. We are a small indie studio recently formed, but looking to break out into the market with our first game Everpath. We are hoping to fund Everpath through Kickstarter starting in July of this year.

A little about our game: Everpath is a battle-driven tactical RPG where your choices both in and out of combat matter. It's a story of four heroes tasked to force back the waves of corruption spreading through the land. Eventually, the heroes will take the fight to the source of the corruption, hoping to stop it forevermore.

The choices you make will shape both the characters as well as who you are actually fighting. Each character's skill progression will be entirely up to the player, enabling each character to be unique. With many skills and classes to choose from, there are multiple possibilities for each character.

Battles will take place on a procedurally generated isometric, square grid. These battles will be turn-based with a variety of challenging enemies to fight. The strategic use of each character's skills will be essential to fighting the forces of corruption.

Check out the demo video and design document below. If you are interested you can contact me on discord by messaging mrJeremy#5192 or you can e-mail me at There, we can discuss further details about payment/compensation.