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Help Determining Price

on: October 20, 2008, 01:04:42 am
Hello, I am considering hiring a pixel artists to do the main character of my 2D sidescroller, but need some help determining the cost. I am just a hobbyist, so everything would be coming out of my pocket. Here are the specifics about what the sprite would be like:


Atalanta sprites will be made in two parts. The first is her legs, and the other is her upper body. They will articulate at the sash over her waist. The character should be roughly 128 pixels tall, and however wide. The exact dimensions of each frame can vary within reason, as I am not using a grid based system to load the sprite. You may use an unlimited palette, as the game is in 32bpp.

Leg Animations
Standing (1 Frame)
Running (5 Frames)
Crouching (1 Frame)
Initial Jump (2 Frames)
Rising (1 Frame)
Peaking (1 Frame)
Falling (2 Frames)
Getting Hit (1 Frame)

Upper Body Animations
Standing (1-2 Frames)
Running (5-6 Frames)
Shooting Bow (2-3 Frames)
Jumping (1 Frame)
Peaking (1 Frame)
Falling (1 Frame)
Getting Hit (1 Frame)


In this game, Atalanta will wear a white tunic, that extends to upper-mid thigh, with a sash around her waist. Her sandals will have the classic greek look, with straps extending most of the way up the calf. Her hair is blonde, and fashioned in to a pony tail. She has her bow visibly strapped onto her back, as well as a quiver of arrows.

I've got a vision of what it is I want, but I just need help determining how much this would cost. I understand prices would vary based on experience and skill level, so I am only trying to get a rough figure. The only pricing info I have seen was by the hour, which is fine, but if most pixel artists work by the hour, then it would be helpful to know how long these things can take. I am not an artist, so I could see these taking anywhere from 6-24 hours (of actual work).

So, if you were going to do these sprites, how long would it take you/how much would you expect?

Thanks for your help!