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Team Size: 3 (me project lead, artist, animator and level designer. Sound designer and voice actress)

Roles Required: RRS is a volunteer project being developed by a small team of individuals who are passionate about game development. We’re looking for reliable & enthusiastic individuals who don’t mind volunteering some free time to help aid the development of the game. We won’t be able to pay you for your time, but we will ensure you get credited for your work. In the event RRS generates revenue, we’ll ensure you are paid something for your contribution this is promise. Please note we are only accepting applicants over the age of 18 and will require you to provide examples of your work. C# programmers experienced with Unity Engine. Environmental artists experienced with aseprite, photoshop or anything you use to make pixel art.

Description: Rose Rock Shooter is an exciting fast paced 2D side-scroll shooter, set in a world that has been plunged into chaos after a powerful form of molecular energy ripped across the globe. After being exposed to this powerful energy, some people have discovered that they are attuned to its power developing special magical abilities. Giving rise to a new kind of terrorist... Set in Rose Rock City, an elite team of counter-terrorists known as “Phantom Orchid” have assembled to fight back against the enemy. Their mission is to help save Rose Rock City from the brink of destruction. There are four playable characters in the game, each with their own unique attacks, special abilities and play styles. The player will need to familiarise themselves with each character in-order to effectively fight against the numerous types of ranged & melee enemies in the game.

Contact: Email at​ and you can dm at discord at cococamo919#9565.