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Looking For a Pixel Artist

on: March 21, 2021, 03:17:30 pm
Looking for a 16 bit pixel artist to help me publish my second game. The original job is unpaid, but you will be paid once the game makes profits, in a revshare format. We can discuss what fair compensation would be when you contact me. The game is a metroidvania style adventure through seven time periods. The game also features a character swapping system that alleviates some of the tedious backtracking found in these kinds of games. Currency can be found in the game's open world to purchase upgrades that can upgrade these characters, increasing things like their health and fire rate, as well as giving them more abilities, like the ability to double jump. Work would include: character sprites, tile sets, item sprites, icons, backgrounds, and possibly more. Relaxed time constraints. There will be two others involved in the project: a programmer/ director, and a composer. Previous professional experience unnecessary. I will give loose instructions for the art direction, such as the amount of assets needed and descriptions of what the characters should look like, but there will be large creative freedom on your part. Passionate and quick workers preferred.

Time periods you would work on are: a Modern day city, a city ravaged by Zombies, a city ravaged by War with bunkers, a Prehistoric area filled with dinosaurs, a Hi Tech futuristic city, an Ancient cave system, and a city that has been completely Destroyed settled underneath a space station.


Let's make a great game together.