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Hello from the Civ2 Scenario League

on: May 07, 2008, 04:22:59 am
Hey how's everyone doing? Great?! Alright, glad to hear it. Yeah.

Well, this is my first post.  I joined up because I found this forum after using the great and wonderful StumbleUpon service.  I love the site and all the wonderful art created here.  The actual thread that was linked was the new collaboration project which seems to be coming along very nicely.  The multi-environmental UFO style is  fun.  Anyways, I'm glad I found this site because I want to offer all of you a new and unique opportunity! Yes you!

I've been a member of something called the Civ2 Scenario League for about 5 years now.  We're a group composed of people that create and modify scenarios for two very old games called Sid Meier's Civilization II and Civilization II: Test of Time.  Our group creates new scenarios, utilities, graphics, etc for these games in the hopes of large amounts of monetary compensation.  Just kidding (this is all a pitch, so just relax).  We've been around for probably 8-9 years now, adding new scenarios, modifying graphics, modifying the actual game through new and exciting utilities, and so on and so on. Why? Civ4 came out why are we wasting our time?  Well, here's the kicker: We like isometric graphics.  We don't like 3D.  We don't like our strategy games dumbed down with incessant new tech eye candy that only runs on the highest end computers. We like our pixels.  They are our friends.

Alright, I'm rambling.  Here's the reason why I'm posting this.  Civ2, and Civ2 Test of Time use graphics created with limited palettes set within limited tiles tagged to be either terrain, cities, units, or additional game graphics.  We have many talented artists on our forums, but we're always looking for more to contribute.  Our scenarios are played by thousands around the world and are created for simple pleasure.  It's a hobby.  We love doing it.  Pixel Art would fit in perfectly with what we do.  You would have the opportunity to create terrain, cities, units (Legions, knights, Civil War riflemen, Panzer tanks, etc...), icons, animated terrain, animated units, etc...

Here is the link to our forums.  Feel free to browse, sign up, whatever.  Check out the graphic threads.  We've got just about everything. 

That's it.  That's my pitch.  I hope to see you around. 

- Harry Tuttle