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Meta Wings - Gears of War

on: February 04, 2008, 08:21:29 pm
 Meta Wings - Gears of War was the first game i've attemped to finish, and the response is motivating me to make others. Its another shooter game, but unlike almost every SHUMP it doesn't have the screen full of enemy fire... on MW you have to memorize the enemies behavior to search the "safe areas"... anyway, almost every graphic was hand pixeled by me (except some backgrounds and 3D objects) and programmed by me using the Clickteam's Multimedia Fusion. Every comment is very appreciated.

 Well, i've subscribed the game in the Clickteam's contest and i'm inviting you all to play. There are some other fun games there too.

 I had to rush some things due to the contest deadline, so this is not the final version, there are few things to be fixed (that dont affect directly the gameplay)