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Re: pixel Shrimp ;)

Reply #40 on: October 24, 2007, 05:02:53 pm
I'm not really here to discuss if it's ethical to color reduce, but in the history of pixellation, color reductions have been shunned. Even questionable color reduction threads often get locked:

Rule 3: Post only pixel art.

Now this is a bit of a controversial subject, but it hopefully can be cleared out at least so we can go on with our business here: Pixel Art, is art where there's specific attention paid to the fine manipulation of picture elements. It deals with the informative quality of specific, single pixels. If the art you're about to post has not been pixel-pushed on that level, don't bother. Automatic AA, soft brushes, filters, smudge tools, all are indicative of index-painting, or at least dirty-tooling, but do not always mean your art will not benefit from pixel-level critique. If you've made something using some of these tools and then you're able to reign the piece in by optimizing the palette into using the best possible amount of colors, went in and pushed single pixels until everything is right, then it's probable we'll be able to talk about your art and how it can be made better. Always be clear of how you made things, only post concept art when it's relative to a pixel-art piece you've made and never never try to decieve us. As above, workstages and process animations are optional, but always welcome.

It's refreshing that you're open about it...but you should really try to refrain.
I suggest hand pixelling the podium.  ;)  And if not for this piece, other pieces in the future.  Keep in mind that the only way to get better is to practice.

On to c+c:
The red patches are destroying the unity of the rest of the shrimp; the face and body are lit and shaded by dithering and smooth shades, while the red patches are lit with random splotches of pixels (something characteristic of color reductions  :-X)  So I'd say maybe use a more uniform style of dithering
on the red patches than what you've got.

The outline on the legs is very poor. You might want to clean that up.  Also, the rendering of the legs in general is very confusing, and isn't really saying much...try to be more distinct on showing from where light is coming from and where it is dark.

And again, the antennas still need some work...don't forget that they are effected by light, too.
(perhaps an overly dramatic edit...but it brings up the next point)

The colors are very...mediocre right at the moment, and you are using too can get a lot more out of each color if you pick them better.

Good luck.
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