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Pixel Artist for 2D Bullet Hell MMO

on: August 29, 2020, 10:23:42 pm
We are hiring an artist for a 2D Pixel Art Bullet hell MMORPG.

The position is full time, and we are using Unity/GIT/Discord (experience not required but preferred). You'll be a generalist, mostly creating assets for effects (skills, weapons...), animated characters, icons and interfaces, and possibly doing some tileset work, although we already have another artist focused on that.

About the project:

  • We already have all the art assets required to create a pvp arena demo of the game, which we are working at right now.
  • It is a PvE coop game for open world play, with instanced arenas for PvP.
  • The game design has been developed in full and written down in detail. From now on, it is about testing the game and making sure we are making something fun, and if not, change where necessary.
  • The current team is comprised of 2 programmers, 1 artist and 1 game/content designer.
  • A traditional MMO in some aspects: expansive named zones with points of interest, 14 equipment slots, many customizable skills per character...
  • And not traditional in others: since I started playing MMOs in 99 with everquest, I've always wanted to see a few things done differently in MMOs, and this has been a chance to put those concepts into practice.

If interested, please send an email to with a link to your portfolio or related accounts.

We will give preference to candidates who enjoy one or more of the following genres:

- Action RPG
- Bullet Hell/Shoot'em up

Below are sample graphics from the game: