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Writer in need for help

on: August 25, 2020, 07:39:26 pm
Hello there, I'm your Back-Alley's Snowman here in search for a team to work with on my free project.
It's a funny little game about a protagonist that was thrown of a place called Demon Lord's company by his boss.
Landing into a nearby trash can, he meets a woman there named Mao who convinces him to go back and convince his boss to give him his job back.
After the adventure begins imagination is the limit.
Our party must pass through the many floors of the company.
Defeat enemies, solve puzzles, find keys and companions and overall make it to the top floor.
That's the synopsis.
I'm the writer so there are many things I lack.
I need:
- Pixel artist (Sprites)(Open)
- Pixel artist (Backgrounds) (Open)
If you're interested please comment or contact me at my discord: nero#3104
I'm using RPG Maker MV.
Thank you for your time.