AuthorTopic: [CLOSED] Sprite Artist/Animator Needed for Player Character Sprite/Animations  (Read 995 times)

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Game Description:
The working title for my game is Xenosis, and it is a 2D 16-bit metroidvania that will have graphics reminiscent of the SNES console, but it will demonstrate a more modern interpretation of sprite art and animation (so really more like the GBA). It's perspective is that of a sidescroller and the native resolution is 512 x 288.

Job Responsibility:
I am looking for a talented sprite artist to take on the role of bringing the player character of my game to life. As the game continues to be in development more than likely I will call on you again to make updates for the character. To give you a good idea here is a short list of some of the animations that will be needed for this project:
  • Idle sprite and short Idle animation
  • Running animation
  • Shooting pose and animation
  • Pickup animation
  • Ledge Climb animation
  • Jumping/Falling animation
  • etc...
Obviously, none of you guys want to do any of this for free, and I'm willing to pay! I'd say that a comfortable budget for me is $15-35 an hour, but if there is someone who submits a really exceptional portfolio I am more than willing to pay more than I specified!

Feel free to contact me on this site. My email: Or on Discord (preferred): BlazingMuffinz#7493. Please make sure to link or email a copy of your resume, if I do not see a resume unfortunately I will not consider you for the position.

Ending Statement:
There is obviously more on the nitty gritty side that I left out for the character that I want, but right now I'm looking for someone with the skills to do what I ask of them. Once I have someone locked in, I can divulge more into the specificities of the character and the frames, layering, etc. Thank you for reading and I hope we get the chance to work together! Have a great day.
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