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on: January 02, 2008, 12:06:31 am
Huston, we have a problem!

I am developing a Golden Axe game, basing the development on the engine Openbor. I am trying to implement a new feature, that allows for the panel image colors to be modified in-game, with the help of different color tables. It is easy to decrease an rpg image luminosity and than convert it to indexed colors. The problem is the maintaining of the correct positions of colors on the new color table! In other words, the engine works on the color table, not on the image. I must start from a color table, than modify one by one the colors composing the color table (for example, reducing by the same amount the luminosity of the colors). I need an authomated way to obtain 10-20 color tables, with colors gradually decreasing in luminosity.

I have photoshop and the Gimp. Can someone suggest me how to authomate such process?