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Mutation (game idea)

on: August 16, 2007, 09:26:53 am
Normally I ALWAYS have at least 1 game im working on, but im currently out of inspiration.... (well, it feels like a whole week long!)
So i finally got a nice idea about a game where you slowly mutate because of an infection. Dont know what kind of game its going to be or if I am actually going to finish it, so ill just post my character so far in here (maybe someone wants to make a mutant hisself and share it with me/us.) If I am going to make this game,  their is a problem... I cant make my character walk (because of the different stages of mutation) so these mutants may only be useful to show the player how far the mutating process is... hmm troublesome troublesome XD

Anyway... C&C are welcome and new mutants are welcome in this tread :D