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Re: Index painting?

Reply #10 on: September 20, 2007, 03:29:44 am
   That's where I think even demosceners' get confused as well. No doubt, they are some talented people, it's just that sites like PJ, Ptendo, and this site tend to favor more restricted forms or styles of pixel art, and shun demoscene type art from their galleries . Most of it may stem from our supposed definition of "control" of the pixel, and misinterpret it as the machine have just about as much control as there hands and mind. When we give our definition of what we believe pixel art really is, I think that they think we are trying to say " It's only pixel art if it's pixeled PIXEL DOT BY PIXEL DOT!!!", when that's definitely not the case. I know some of us are anal, but not that anal.
   Don't get me wrong, I love demoscene art, it's just that their pieces are so detailed, that it kind of makes the whole focal point of pixel art pointless. auto aa, auto dither, and index painting, I mean, why don't you just do digital if you're going that far with the capabilities of your program. I guess some do it for show, first and foremost. However, I always feel like an a-hole every time one of their pieces gets turned down at pixel art websites. I feel like if they just gave our point of view of pixel art a try, I'm positive they'll definitely churn out some awe inspiring works.

wait, I'm not exactly sure if that rant was on this particular subject or not...oh well...
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