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Large creature animation.

on: July 22, 2020, 01:02:19 pm
I'm looking for someone that can animate big objects in pixel art with details.

The static unit is made, so the job is to do animations of certain parts of that unit. But it's a big sprite and a big job, the unit goes into a 512x512 box and that's the size per frame, I'm guessing we need at least 10 of these frames, but that might be a low estimate.

The job starts sometimes this fall, lets say october/november, it needs to be finished by february/march.

Apply if these conditions feels like you:

Have worked before with larger sprites, have demos or a portfolio to show with these.
Have made non-mechanical pixel art animations with a lot of different motions in the same frame.
Have worked with other games that are released.
If you are working within the EU, you need to have a valid VAT-ID and company set up.
A Contract and NDA will be in place.
All payments are made with paypal.

Send any application to, make sure the subject is PIXELART BIG 07 2020, you can also PM me here, name the PM the same thing if possible.

This was also posted on Tig-Source Forums, but I'm getting too many applications from people who only make Final Fantasy III-esque snes characters =D