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Project: C64 Adventure Game - PETSCII Art

on: January 31, 2020, 03:17:11 am
After many years I am finally working on an old school western based adventure game for the Commodore C64. It was originally supposed to be coded around 1985!

In recent years I found an old folder which contained the original game design, story line, and notes. I have been working on the code for the data handling and parser and it is coming along well. The parser will be a lot better than the old verb noun of those older adventures, and more infocom-esque.

I intend to include a graphic for every location, and preferably using PETSCII - C64 Character Graphics, as this was the original intention all those years ago.

I am hoping there is somebody here, that has an interest and skill in creating PETSCII art on the C64. I have attached some PETSCII used in the C64 adventure games by Softgold - Mystery of Munroe Manor and King Solomon's Mines, this is the type and quality I would be looking for.

Although I am coding it as more of a hobby at the moment, with a small budget. If someone is interested and capable of creating the PETSCII graphics, then I would be happy to negotiate something for your work.

If the finished project is to the standard I envisage, then I may consider releasing it commercially through a company, with proper packaging, manual, map, and ideally released on C64 disk and/or cartridge.

Please contact me through this forum, or email: for more details and to discuss further.

Mystery of Munroe Manor - Introduction

Mystery of Munroe Manor - Dining Hall

King Solomon's Mines - River