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Re: Something new from me.

Reply #10 on: June 19, 2007, 02:58:03 pm
I noticed the shine on the left brown-haired head's skin is on the other side from the others; is that deliberate? Also, the lighting on the lady's hair looks lower down and more local than with the wizards.
Thanks for pointing these things out. The left brown-haired guy was actually made before the wizard, or girl, and the reason the shine is on the other side is because that is where the hair permited me to put the shine on those two characters. Does this look odd at all? I'm inclined to leave it how it is.

As for the girl's hair, I have to confess I wasn't really aware of the other guys when I was making her. It all came out really quickly, but I can definitely see your point - I'll go back and try to fix it up.

For the woman's hair, maybe skip the internal lineart and just use 1 shadow and 1 light value to do most of the modeling?
I'll give your suggestion a go and see how it turns out. I will definitely do something to try and get the hair looking more in keep with that of the others'.

Well... the reason of why they are all angry is because you've been building them a la Mr.Potato, and you only made one pair of eyes (and edited slightly so it would fit)
Well, this is not exactly true. For the wizards it is true I based them on heads I had already made in a Mr. Potato like way. You might be able to see the right wizard is based on the head to the right of it. I also copied the moustache across, but the other faces aren't edit off of one another. They were all pixelled independantly, but I made a concious decision to give them similar facial traits, to make sure they appeared in a similar style.

The highlights on the hair makes it stand out in a weird way and the dress coloring looks way softer than the mages' robes.
But leaving that aside, I think you could fix the face, she looks cross eyed and the lack of nose is just odd.
Not to sound dismissive, but the dress colouring is temporary as stated. I'll try to do something about her being cross eyed, as although I didn't notice it, I can see she does look slightly cross eyed now. For the face, I don't really like your edit at all, and I will probably stick with what I have unless someone comes up with an edit that I think is a vast improvement. I also dislike the changes you made to the shape of the face, and the region around her left cheek looks very messy now. Primarily I have been trying to keep things clean.

Also, those triangle things coming out from the back of her arms, don't really look like shoulder pads
They're supposed to be puffy shoulder bits, that used to be fashionable a long time ago... I'll fiddle around with them a bit.

Overall nice, hope you start pixelling more.
I'll consider it. :P

As for a website with the kind of clothes you're looking for, maybe this page (The Costume Site) might help.
Thanks for the link. A lot of the links contained within seem to be broken, but what is there looks good. :y: