AuthorTopic: [WIP HEAVY] Temple of Smiles  (Read 2413 times)

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[WIP HEAVY] Temple of Smiles

on: March 29, 2007, 06:03:03 am


Okay, here I am watching the music clip for Silverchair "Straight Lines" (dont actually like the song, someone told me to watch it)

Now I have come to realise you guys like lots of information so here you go :P

Im trying to go for an anciet, dusty theme. So I was thinking of possibly brown or orangey theme.

The giant pink statue has a smile with a nose that stick out of it, with mony of those surrounding the building. The dark purple lines are inprints in the ground, maybe making those a darker colours or glowing even. The building is still intact and made of maybe marble(dont know what that is, something smooth then) It has a large square entry with doors inwards. I might use columns, but you can see the front of the building, and a bit of the side, so it is at an angle. Background can be dusty, with maybe sand being kicked up and in the corner just an arrow pointing to the structure.

As for shading techniques, I'm not really that good at dithering or AA, or even selout, so help if I keep getting it wrong would be appreciated.

I will be making a sold line art before anything else is started, so as I'm going, I would love some help.

Thanks in advance, Sax~


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Re: [WIP HEAVY] Temple of Smiles

Reply #1 on: March 29, 2007, 06:13:36 am
Here's my advice:
1. Bigger canvas
2. Sketch out the forms with a thicker brush
3. Work on refining the piece with a 1 pix brush
4. Now finish it off with AA and/or dither

Finally, I don't think the sketch you have now is very useful...

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Re: [WIP HEAVY] Temple of Smiles

Reply #2 on: March 29, 2007, 06:17:10 am
I think this is too early for criticising.
But I hope you are not keeping that palette. What is the point of laying down random colors? If instead you put some base colors you are considering for the final thing, it would speed up your process and you probably will end up with a better palette.
Also, if you minimize the useless roughness and noise you'll have to fix less stuff when working on it.

[edit]: If you can manage to come up with clean lines like on the edit, why did you post that sketchy thing?
I mean early WIPs are more than welcome, but yeah.
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