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Re: Walk Animations

Reply #30 on: March 19, 2007, 10:27:06 am
Enough thread derailing.
If you are not happy about the way someone posts, please PM or report a mod about the thread instead of jumping at that person.
Please respect the original poster and his/her thread.

But it is not the first time you've been warned for this, therefore both Hawk and Gil will receive a strike. 2 more and you'll be out.

Hawk, you should ignore other people's posts and stop being so defensive to avoid arguing. Instead PM a mod and we will solve it. If the way you post appears to cause some chaos around, please try to consider a different way to do so. Also being more elaborate on your posts will help (instead of throwing some mediocre animation and saying "learn from this").

Gil, Please stop jumping at people like that as if you were always right. It is not the first time you've done so, you should watch what you post.

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Re: Walk Animations

Reply #31 on: March 19, 2007, 09:38:39 pm
Actually, I think that three frames are okay. Not to say it couldn't be a smoother animation, but that depends on you and the situation. If you plan to create a bunch load of graphics, no point in staying so long on a piece unless you have the time and ressources to do it. A game is more the pretty graphics. But like I said, it's up to you.  ;D