AuthorTopic: [PAID] Seeking Character Artist Designer / Animator  (Read 1736 times)

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Hi, I'm gonna keep this short and quick!

I can't include any screenshots here in this thread but I am looking for an artist to design character sprites less than 40x40.
Right now I just need the following as more things in the future will be branched from this:
     - Walking (up, down, left, right).

I can give more details but CONTACT ME here:
Discord: Shiz#8829

The style I'm aiming for is the more cartoon style / soft. Good references are games like (discontinued) Midora and Eastfound.

Thank you! And yes, this is for payment.

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Re: [PAID] Seeking Character Artist Designer / Animator

Reply #1 on: July 06, 2019, 07:52:02 am
Hello, for some reason your Discord id doesn`t work.
Maybe there is a spelling error? Please check.

I also PMed you because I am interested in the position,
let me know if the Discord is fixed, my id is Animator#6287