AuthorTopic: Getting back in the game. Critique?  (Read 513 times)

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Getting back in the game. Critique?

on: May 25, 2019, 09:22:44 pm
Yo, yo! The name's Necrosquelch, though people tend to just call me Necro. Ain't done Pixelart in a good 3 years or so, but I recently got the animation itch and I'm getting back in.

Basically I do art commissions and want to eventually start doing animated fighting game-style idle stances as commissions. Specifically things in a vein similar to third strike. At least in terms of size.

Upon redownloading Aseprite I started doodling around and got this down. I could've stood to make it bigger, but I started with the intention of it being a full sprite. Obviously that didn't happen haha.

I know I REALLY need to brush up on anti-aliasing and honestly I hadn't studied it too closely before either, but aside from that I wanted to see if you guys could catch any big problems I'm not seeing. Really any feedback would be appreciated as it feels like I'm starting from square one again.