AuthorTopic: Texture/Material issue in Unity  (Read 3853 times)

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Texture/Material issue in Unity

on: May 24, 2019, 02:11:33 pm
So, bear with me here as I am fairly new to 3D development. I recently imported a model from 3ds max into Unity. Works great, looks great. Made a few changes, and tried to bring it in, and made a mess of everything. lol. What is the best way to bring in an updated model/textures/materials without having to just delete the old one and reconnect all the references over and over again? For example, I have the model in my hierarchy and there are about 60 components to it. Each of those components links to a check on an inspection for the game. If I do it the hard way, I can just delete the old model and textures and materials, and bring in the new one the same way I brought in the old one. But then I have to re-reference all those parts. Surely there is an easy/simple way of doing this. I've stumbled my way around and kind of got things to work but then I have multiples of materials (i.e. this material, this material 1, this material 2) and then some of the materials lost their texture references, etc. Thank you so much for any help.