AuthorTopic: non-isometric and non-character pixel art tutorials  (Read 2299 times)


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non-isometric and non-character pixel art tutorials

on: February 02, 2007, 04:49:25 pm

I'm looking for tutorials that deal with side-scrolling graphics, are there any recommendations?

Most of the tutorials I find on the net are either about character or isometric graphics.

Basically what I'm working on is a side-scrolling platform-jumping game with some parallax scrolling. There's 3 layers... foreground (ground the player runs on), middle (buildings/objects that scroll by... non-interactive) and background (sky, mountains, terrain, clouds... non-interactive).

Foreground: It's pretty complete, just sections of metal pipe, filler texture, techy looking ornaments. All flat. Stays along bottom of the screen, has some ramps. Tiles are 16x16.

Background: Basically a generic looking mountain range. It's repeated over and over... so it's a challenge making this seamless and the repetition not that noticeable. But this should be finished soon. Will be one fullscreen background, perhaps.

Middle: This is where I'm having difficulty. Here is where most of the theme and grandeur of the game will be fleshed out. What I am producing so far is looking very flat... as if the buildings are billboards. There won't be any real-time perspective kind of effect on them, they will be static... but how can I make them look deep?

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Re: non-isometric and non-character pixel art tutorials

Reply #1 on: February 03, 2007, 08:27:52 pm
Give th modground buildings details that add depth. Like, instead of making an office building, add some nooks and crannies and taper it off at the top and give it some balconies and things to shadow and hilight. That should help bring some depth to them. At least a little. Though I wonder why you want to avoid perspective effects. After all, perspective and depth often go hand in hand.