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The General Rules!

on: September 26, 2006, 11:31:12 am
I.) Pixelation Rules

Rule 1:

As it was and as it always shall be: Don't be an ass!

Do not attack people with your comments. Misunderstandings will be solved in a civil manner, and tolerance for sarcasm is a given on the internet. But if moderators judge your behaviour to be indicative of malice, you will be warned to stop, and possibly make amends. Failure to do so repeatedly will result to banning.

Rule 2: Do not rip artwork. Ever!

Always clearly state what your references were in making a piece. If you sketched in pencil, color-reduced to 1bit and then went to work on it, okay. Ways like this are completely accepted and nobody's going to shout at your for it, but it's good to know anyway. If you stole somebody else's artwork, 1bitted it and then submitted it for critique, not okay. If caught red-handed, by moderators or users, and the case is clear you ripped, you will be banned and forgotten forever. Other similar instances of fraudulent behaviour like posting other people's artwork without permission (regardless of them being edited or not) or jobs without delivering the promised payment will reap similar rewards.

Rule 3: Post only pixel art.

Now this is a bit of a controversial subject, but it hopefully can be cleared out at least so we can go on with our business here: Pixel Art, is art where there's specific attention paid to the fine manipulation of picture elements. It deals with the informative quality of specific, single pixels. If the art you're about to post has not been pixel-pushed on that level, don't bother. Automatic AA, soft brushes, filters, smudge tools, all are indicative of index-painting, or at least dirty-tooling, but do not always mean your art will not benefit from pixel-level critique. If you've made something using some of these tools and then you're able to reign the piece in by optimizing the palette into using the best possible amount of colors, went in and pushed single pixels until everything is right, then it's probable we'll be able to talk about your art and how it can be made better. Always be clear of how you made things, only post concept art when it's relative to a pixel-art piece you've made and never never try to decieve us. As above, workstages and process animations are optional, but always welcome.

Rule 4: Stay on topic.

Off-topic respite from critiquing is catered for in the same-titled thread on the General forum. If a topic seems to be hampered and derailed consistently by OT discussion, users will be warned, topics split or even locked, depending on the degree of damage done.

Rule 5: Things NOT to post!

Posting spam, porn, wares, ROMS or any similar items is forbidden in any form, be it directly or by link.

Rule 6: Content tags/warnings.

If your piece is a work in progress add [WIP] in front of a title.
If it contains an element of nudity, excessive violence or such note that as well. Please use the format of "[element] Thread Title".
E.g. "[Nudity] Yus bird goes streaking!" !yus!

Rule 7: No Rants.

If you have an issue with the forum or the management, bring it to their attention in a private message, or on the OT thread. Do not start threads to vent or otherwise provoke.

Rule 8: Signature and Avatar.

The maximum allowed size for a signature is 400x64 pixels, DON'T make it bigger or an admin will remove it, repeated nonappliance can result in getting strikes. Also refrain from making your signature or avatar overly animated in an annoying way, flashing lights, the likes. This in the end goes down to common sense, but if you don't seem to have it, admins might remove your signature and or avatar and maybe even prevent you from changing it again.

Please use [nozoom] instead of [img] if you want to bind an image to a link.

II.) General things to keep in mind

Please Note:

The severity of an offense is usually worth one strike on your record. Three strikes and you're out for good. Strikes wear off like karma as you do right and time passes. However, ripping artwork or severe cases of being an unrepentant asshole might merit a direct ban early and tidily. The strike system is there for those that step over the rules partly by mistake, or at least show they're willing to make amends. Obvious trolls and rippers will be ejected from the premises with not so much as a second thought. 

These are the rules. Please keep them in mind. What follows is Etiquette, which isn't enforced as directly, but will be reminded to people as needed. Severe breaches of Etiquette might warrant Strikes. The following suggestions make Pixelation the forum it is and hopefully will remain to be.

When critiquing, remember:

  • To highlight both the good and the bad about the piece. Comments without actual points of how to make the piece better are near-useless for the purposes of this forum. Pixelation is not a Gallery Showcase forum. It strives on helping people get better. Even if something seems faultless, look closer. There's always at least minor nitpicks to offer. In contrast, a post full of critique and not a single word on the merits of the piece, while would be very useful to an artist, might also upset him or demotivate him. Therefore please remember to say what you like about a piece as well.
  • To be articulate. When possible, go into detail explaining the reasoning behind your observation. It's one thing to say 'that arm looks broken, lol' and another to explain how the underlying muscle structure would work and why it gives you the impression it's broken, and finally, which would be probable means of fixing it. Optimally, the latter is what we're going for.
  • To Edit! There's only so much words can say to get your point across, sometimes you have to edit the piece. In Pixelation, when you post a piece of artwork, you are agreeing to have your work potentially edited. Malicious edits or useless edits are frowned upon and discouraged, respectively, but otherwise, consider it a honor somebody else put the time to try to show how your piece could be better.
  • Don't post one-liners unless they are actually helpful. Things like "I like this", "awesome", "could be better" and the likes do not really help and are not constructive critique. Especially the Pixel Art board is a place for critique to help members get better. One-liners which are not helpful at all are subject to deletion.

When posting art, remember:

  • To put effort into it. If you couldn't put your best in a piece, why would the userbase care to put effort in their critique? In the end, only you know how much time and effort went into a piece, but please try to show us your best, so we may show you our best.
  • To clearly declare the ownership of the art (in all aspects of it, even if the lineart originally belongs to someone else, we'd like to know of it) and the methods used in making it. This knowledge helps us know what critique would be useful to you. If you're index-painting, then there's not much sense in talk of sprite-style color-conservation, and so on.
  • To update! If you got good critique, edit your sprite, show the users you cared enough to implement their pointers. Do not abandon a piece once posted. If you don't intend to edit your piece, clearly state so in the original post so users will know if they're willing to go through the whole critique process for a piece that has been finalized.
  • To keep it pixel-specific. If your art suffers from fundamental errors, please work on those either in private, or with the help of other, specialized fora. Whereas the odd anatomy crit and the odd light crit will show up, they're not the point of the forum. We discuss pixel-specific techniques foremost. So if your art shows little to no understanding of more basic artistic concepts, we can't help you, yet. Peruse tutorials, art classes, and other fora as needed. Here be for pixels.

Keep in mind common sense:

Don't double-post. Do not spam. Do not excessively swear. Don't overuse smileys (even though they're new and we all love them) Do not run with scissors.
Also, by registering an account you agree you are to log in at least twice per week for the next 5 years in fear of legal action by our crack team of lawyers.

Have fun :)
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