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Hi there all

I am a game developer for the game know as VAST. It will be a multiplayer, 2D , side scrolling , Medieval , RTS game, with pixel graphics. There will be 4 factions to choose from at the start of the game.
These will be:
-The knights of the game or the 'Good' faction,
-The traders or the 'Neutral' faction,
-The slavers and thief's known as the 'Bad' faction,
-The Hive race of monsters forming the 'Evil' faction.
These factions will have unique gameplay features which differentiates them from one another. Each will be playable. With more factions planned in the future.

We currently have a trailer below that is proof of concept, we are looking for artists and coders who are interested in this project and would be able to do work on a short notice.

(disclaimer the software used to make the trailer made us have to zoom in, it will not be that close to the screen on the game release)

For Artists this work would include making new concepts for units, buildings and backgrounds, animating the selected concepts and a few more tasks. You do not have to do all of these roles, instead you can choose what suits you best.

For coders we are planning on using either unity or Unreal engine, and you should be able to work with 2d game coding. We are however up to hearing opinions on what engine we should use as I know they have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are chosen to join the team we would require you to work closely with me, artists and other coders in making the features work.

This can be discussed if you are interested in working for this project.

In short, we are looking for pixel artists and coders that can do:
-Animated units
-Concept drawings
-Basic coding

Contact information

If you are interested or wish to ask questions please find my contact details below.


*Discord Links
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Re: [Rev Share] Vast Trailer is complete but need more artists

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Updated some of the information and the title.