AuthorTopic: [UNPAID] Indie Development of a fantasy MMORPG game  (Read 1944 times)

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[UNPAID] Indie Development of a fantasy MMORPG game

on: April 17, 2019, 10:00:26 pm
The team
I am assembling a team of developers and artists to create an indi game company. As an indie team there are certain things to have in mind:

No initial funds
This is one of the first things we will have to overcome if we want to finish the project. Once we have a somewhat functional build of the game we will seek funding on kickstarter and patreon.

Spaced out deadlines
As we will be working on the game on our free time so the pace is light and not stressing. Dedicating it about 10 hours a week is perfectly fine.

Great relevance in the project
Your ideas matter, as the game couldn't be made without you. We will have one skype call at the end of each week to talk about the state of the game, the direction it's heading, things to work on, etc...

The project: Manarak Online
The goal is to create a browser MMORPG in real time. The lore is set up on a fantasy world where the PC (playable characters) are dwarves.

The player will be able to customize hair and beard style and color, skin and eye color.

The UI will be similar to NWN (Neverwinter Nights), where you have a skillbar at the botttom of the screen and a sidebar to open the inventory, character sheet, etc...

There will be quests, dungeons, and factions...(among others)

(The example art is terrible, I know, I made it myself)



Q:┐Am I going to get paid eventually? ┐How much?
A: Once we get the pledged ammount on kickstarter it will be split among the members of the team. The amout will be decided once we have the full team assembled.

Q:┐How is the game going to generate income?
A: Through ads for f2p players and custom skins and items for paid users.

Q: ┐Can I contribute to the game in other non artistic aspects (mechanics, lore, balance...)?
A: Yes, as long as you treat your teammates with respect you can propose any changes in the skype calls.