AuthorTopic: Pixel artist/animator up for new projects! (Unavailable for now)  (Read 1045 times)

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I've worked on pixel art for quite some time as making games has always been a strong passion for me! I like to have my art colorful and aesthetic, while perhaps not terribly complicated. However, I'm capable of using a multitude of different styles that suit the need of the project. I pour my heart into animations because seeing characters move cleanly and fluidly in pixels brings me unheard of levels of joy.

I can draw characters, animations, tilesets, and backgrounds, etc.

Seeing as I'm relatively new to the game, prices are cheap and negotiable.

My gmail:

And discord: Rian#8684

Here's some samples of my work, most of which come from a game I've been working on:

In game screenshots of my pixel art:

Hope you guys like what you see!
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