AuthorTopic: We are looking for a programmer for Megaman X fangame!!!  (Read 1459 times)

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Here is Leo souza, I am pixel artist of fangame and We are a Brazilian group and for some years we have been creating a fangame of Megaman X.

The purpose here is to create an almost 100% original fangame, a new story, new armor, new mavericks. A lot has been done over these 4 years, you can check on our facebook page and there are also some videos on You Tube, we have a large number of people in support.

We were doing fine until the programmer had to leave the engine for personal reasons, used construct 2 and a lot had been programmed, this can happen to anyone, unfortunately, that's not why we give up, even if it takes some time, some programmer in love to appear.
If anyone is interested in helping us in this new stage of the project, going to the end, we will be very grateful, so much so that after this fan game, we will invest in an authorial game.

Discord: leo souza#7534